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Finding Your Next Job

When searching for a new position, it often really is who you know. It certainly helps if you know someone in the organization who can put in a word for you and give you a little insider information as to how the organization works, but you can also make inroads on your own.

The old information that told you to go to a business in person still works. Dress professionally (or at least to the company standards), be nice to the people you meet, and let them know you really want to work for THIS company...and why.

Alternatively, you can call ahead and say that you would really like to learn more about the company from someone who works there. Ask for an informational interview. This is the time that you sit with someone in the organization and learn about them. Ask how they came to work there and why they stay.

The more positive thoughts and attributes you are able to attach to your name, the more likely you are to be hired.

If you need a resume review, or customized tips, contact me today!

Good luck!

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